8 Rainy Day Date Ideas in Toronto for Every Type of Couple

If Toronto’s forecast is calling for rain, rain and more rain, you’ll want to have some fun activities for drearier days in your back pocket. Lucky for you, there are plenty of sweet rainy day date ideas in Toronto for times when the weather is not-so-nice.

Here are rainy day date ideas in Toronto for every type of couple.

For the nature lovers

Allan Gardens Conservatory (19 Horticultural Avenue)

Now’s not the time for a walk in the park (I mean unless you want to tote around umbrellas and layer up), so take a trip to Allan Gardens Conservatory and stroll around among its collection flora and foliage, instead. You’ll be warmer, dryer and have plenty of opportunities for Insta photo ops. P.S. If you find yourself in the Financial District, the Cloud Gardens are also a pretty rad rainy day date idea in Toronto

For the board gamers

Snakes and Lattes (600 Bloor Street West | 489 College Street | 45 Eglinton Avenue East)

Don’t want to attempt 2-player Cards Against Humanity for the six millionth time? I get it. Instead, make your way to Snakes and Lattes and dig into its library of games. It has everything you could ever dream of, plus a solid food and drink menu that boasts caffeinated beverages, cocktails, beer bar snacks and even a few vegan offerings.

For the artists

Paintlounge (784 College Street | 1173 Queen Street East)

Channel your inner Van Goghs and head to Paintlounge for a few hours of masterpiece making. If you’re not exactly a pro with a paintbrush, it’s NBD, your instructor will guide you through the steps. You may not leave with a picture you want to display on your wall, but nonetheless, it’s a fun rainy day date idea in Toronto.

For the survivalists

Escape Station (2252 Queen Street East)

Preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Love a good puzzle? Want to try something different? Whatever the case may be, an escape room like Escape Station sounds like it’ll be right up your alley. Pick one of the unique rooms (there are four to choose from) and get down to business finding clues and cracking codes. Not only will this test your intelligence, it’ll also determine whether the two of you make a good team.

For the fitness buffs 

Basecamp Climbing (677 Bloor Street West)

If you want to switch up your workout, but it’s too wet to run hills at Riverdale Park and speed down the Waterfront Trail on your bikes, go to Basecamp Climbing. This indoor rock climbing oasis will put your muscles to the test and keep you entertained for hours on end.

For the DIYers

Gardiner Museum (111 Queens Park)

OK, yes, you could have a grand old time walking around the hallowed halls of the Gardiner Museum for a rainy day date idea in Toronto, but why not kick things up a notch? Reserve a couple of spots in its drop-in ceramics class and create your own bowls, plates, and decorative knick-knacks. Bonus points if you try to reenact that epic scene from Ghost.

For the arcade fiends

The Rec Room (255 Bremner Boulevard)

The Rec Room is where adults go to feel like kids again. Inside you’ll find old-school arcade machines, redemption games, pool tables and more, so the two of you can entertain yourselves for hours and hours on end. It’s also equipped with a full bar and restaurant, so you won’t have to hop in an Uber to grab food or drinks.

For the beach bums

North Beach Volleyball (74 Railside Road)

‘Tis the season to break out your rain boots, not your bikini, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your beach dreams with this rainy day date idea. Unless you want to get soaked, you won’t be hitting Sunnyside, Ashbridges or the Island, but you can take advantage of North Beach, North York’s indoor beach (yes, it’s worth the drive).  Before you pack your trunk with towels and floaties, you should know that it’s built for volleyball, not relaxation.  Word to the wise, you’ll want to check the drop-in schedule before you make your way up, just to be safe.

Photo: Snakes and Lattes

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