10 At Home Date Ideas During COVID-19 in Toronto

So, you and your S/O are missing your Friday night date night out on the town due to COVID-19? If you live with your partner, the new 24/7 schedule imposed by the coronavirus pandemic may be a little challenging at times. With the lack of personal space aside, spending all of this time together while you self-isolate can also be a rewarding, bonding experience. With a little bit of effort, you can transform your days stuck indoors and social distancing into a series of dates, without leaving the house. Why not try some of these at home date ideas during quarantine to spice things up while you’re stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy a Toronto date night at home in the midst of COVID-19.

Explore Toronto’s cuisine

Turn your dining room into that cozy table in the corner for two with a few candles, your cutest dining set, and a dish from your favourite local restaurant. Dim sum? Curry? Lasagne? Although restaurants are closed for dine-in service, many of them are still offering takeaway or delivery as an alternative. Check out some of our favourite places here.

Go to a “concert”

Unfortunately, many upcoming events and concerts have been cancelled or postponed due to the social distancing measures currently in place. But if you and your S/O are the type to enjoy a live show every now and then, you still have options! Many musicians have opted for online performances, including instagram, live-streaming, or YouTube videos. You can download the Livestream App for countless options, or head over to NPR for an extensive list of digital concerts coming up!

Relive Toronto’s shining moments

With stadiums out of the question, why not relive Toronto’s glory days from home? Lay a spread of treats and beer and enjoy watching the Jays win the 1993 World Series, or even the Leafs back in 1967. TSN is also streaming the Raptors 2019 Playoffs at 8PM every night, so go ahead, bust out the foam fingers, and indulge in our greatest wins together!

Living room picnic

Open the blinds, move the furniture over, and lay a blanket down for a fun way to freshen up your next meal together. Put on your cutest romper and even gather your ingredients in a basket for that authentic, summer-time feeling. If you don’t feel like cooking, it’s a great at home date idea to enjoy delivery or take-out too.

Virtual Tour At Home Date Idea

Photo by Marie-Louise on Unsplash

Virtual tour

Even if you’ve lived in Toronto your entire lives, there is no way you and your S/O have seen all of the awesome touristy stuff it has to offer. Among hundreds of amazing articles and virtual galleries, Google Arts & Culture has virtual collections from the AGO, the ROM, and The National Ballet of Canada just to name a few. Take a trip to some of these iconic places right from home!

Learn some choreography

Do you and your S/O love to dance? Learn some new moves! Although there are a ton of dance tutorials you can find online, why not support your local dance community and take a class from one of Toronto’s studios digitally? The Underground Dance Centre is offering an in-studio experience that follows the structure of a regular class, including a warm-up, choreo break down, and the encouragement to share your newly learned routine on social media.

Photo by Craig McLachlan on Unsplash

Experience Toronto’s Comicon

If you are one of the many couples disappointed by the postponing of Toronto’s Comicon this year, check out ComiGram2020 on Instagram! It’s a fan-generated, online alternative made for all of you Comicon junkies to enjoy while you wait for the real thing. Dress up, take some photos, and post them with the tag #comigram for a feature!

Stream a workout

Head over to YouTube or Instagram for a workout tutorial you can do together, or check out some of Toronto’s fitness studios and see what they’re offering online! Many of our favourite fitness instructors are setting up live-stream classes, so have a look, take your pick, and roll out your yoga mats!

Rearrange Furniture for Date Night At Home

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Rearrange your furniture

With Spring in the air, what better time to pair your spring cleaning with a home makeover? Team up and find a new spot for the couch, or do a total furniture shift in your bedroom. If moving furniture isn’t in the cards, try rearranging the art on your walls for a fresh vibe!

Double date

Connect with your friends or family on a virtual double date! Head over to Zoom, Facetime, or Google Hangout and enjoy a meal you didn’t cook together over cocktails or a bottle of wine. You could even start a list of restaurants and places you want to visit together for future occasions!

Feature image: Joshua Coleman on Unsplash

Plus, these restaurants and breweries are offering takeout & delivery…

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